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Above all we honor and value our artisan and team members as well as our earth. We work with 1000+ artisans in 40+ artisan groups in India. 

Through the selling of our handmade products we are able to provide safe working conditions, educational programs, new skills and sustainable trade practices.

social groups we work with


Most women in India are at a disadvantage. In this male-dominated society, women earn 56% of what their male colleagues earn for performing the same work.

our impact:

55% of our artisan partners are women. We focus on creating financial independence for these women, giving them a voice.


Discrimination against people of low caste and minority groups is a social issue in India. In many communities, low-caste people are still considered “untouchables” and lack social and financial opportunities.

our impact:

We provide marginalized groups with skills training and opportunities to participate in trade.


Artisans in rural India lack resources and direct access to market.

our impact: 

45% of our artisan partners are from rural areas. We help by offering design support and giving them access to market.

environmental sustainability

We have invested in sustainable development projects to ensure that clean production practices conserve resources while also preserving the environment. We see sustainability as a way of life, not an end goal.

95% of our raw materials

are natural, recycled, non-toxic & eco-friendly

3 solar heaters

sponsored with capacity of 80 gallons

35+ furnaces

technically upgraded

120+ solar lamps

distributed to save on energy

2 solar panels

sponsored to provide + save electricity

1.3 million gallons of water

saved annually with water recycling plant

women empowerment initiatives

55% of our artisan partners are women. We focus on creating financial independence for these women, giving them a voice.

7 self help groups

comprising of 100+ women

12 training centers + workshops

for livelihood generation for rural and marginalized women

6 literacy centers

85+ women educated

30+ sewing machines sponsored 

artisan health + safety

We are dedicated to creating safe working environments + practices for our artisan partners. With various equipment projects and health camps we are steadily able to empower artisan groups.

pollutant removal units

for wood + bone artisans

9 work sheds

+ tools

safety masks + kits

provided to artisans

20+ health camps

for medical needs

1000+ free spectacles 



processes + materials

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