New Work Sheds for Bell Making Artisans

New Work Sheds for Bell Making Artisans

Infrastructure serves as a cornerstone for supporting and augmenting the livelihoods of grassroots artisans. It not only bolsters their economic prospects but also fosters social, cultural, and environmental sustainability. However, artisans engaged in traditional handicrafts and micro-scale manufacturing often grapple with limited resources and minimal access to modern facilities.

In light of this, SETU, our partner organization in India, prioritizes providing infrastructural support to its artisans as part of our capacity-building and livelihood generation initiatives. Our bell-making artisans, situated in remote areas, contend with harsh climatic conditions such as earthquakes, cyclones, droughts, and extreme heat. To alleviate their challenges, SETU not only offers marketing platforms but also furnishes them with technologically advanced furnaces, tools, work sheds, safety kits, and design support as needed.

In June 2023, Cyclone Biporjoy wreaked havoc in Gujarat, accompanied by heavy rainfall that severely impacted many of our bell-making artisans in the Kutch area, destroying their homes and work sheds. Responding promptly to their distress, SETU sponsored new work sheds, enabling them to swiftly resume their operations. This support not only facilitated their swift recovery but also served as a morale booster.

Among the affected artisans were Naveen Bhai Satvara and Ramzan Hasan Luhar, (shown in image above) who, despite the devastation wrought by the cyclone, returned to their craft following the provision of new work sheds.

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