[mä-ter boo-mē]

In Sanskrit, matr signifies ‘mother’ and boomie stands for ‘land’. Together, Matr Boomie means motherland, the ground we walk on, the creative source. It reminds us that we are all connected by one Mother Earth, transcending boundaries.

A Fair Trade Love Story

Manish Gupta returned to India after years in the United States and was deeply moved by the poverty he witnessed. Inspired by India's rich culture and potential, he sought to make a difference. Through many conversations and cups of tea, Manish found his mission: to bridge diverse worlds.

Manish partnered with grassroots organizations to transform unskilled individuals into master artisans using eco-friendly materials. With support from his mother and sister, he built a dedicated team in India. Meanwhile, in Austin, Texas, a team designed collections that appealed to Western audiences while honoring Indian culture.

During this journey, Manish found love and partnership with the inspiring Indian designer, Ruchi. Over a decade later, their small venture from their Austin apartment has grown into a pioneering fair trade wholesaler, championing ethical and sustainable practices.

  • Working With 1,000+ Artisans:

    Across 40 communities in India

  • Sold in 1,500+ Retailers:

    In North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia

Access To Unique Resources

Unlike traditional import businesses, the roots of our company are in India. Being on the ground and working alongside our artisan gives us access to tools and resources that are otherwise impervious. This gives us the advantage to create unique and one of a kind designs that are sure to WOW you.

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Be a Part of Something Bigger

To us, this is more than just business. We work diligently to provide a way to break the cycle of poverty in India and to empower our partner communities. We go beyond fair wages and actively invest in development projects, healthcare, and education. It is about changing lives and creating a more beautiful and kind world. Join us to make an impact!

Our Impact