"I can certainly vouch for Matr Boomie. They have excellent products. We have worked with them since our business opened. We ordered their sustainable jute bags and our customers love them. They did a great job on the screen print and were able to meet our rushed deadline. I highly recommend them.”

- Marha Ehlman, Tenfold Fair Trade Collection

“Your products could not have merchandised more beautifully! I heard with my own ears shoppers ohhh and ahhhing and even commenting on how unique these gifts were and not your average run-of-the-mill souvenirs. Thank you for being a part of our success!"

- Disney Theatrical Group, New York, NY

“It is one thing to buy wholesale from a company; it is entirely a different venture to feel like there is a viable partnership that is helping to sustain and advance families in India."

- Will Honeycutt, World Next Door

“It’s a pleasure buying from Matr Boomie. Your efficiency is appreciated – it’s rare to find a vendor so responsive! You always seem to have everything in stock as well, which is fantastic.” 

- Julie Lightbourn, Sip Sip

“Matr Boomie is absolutely a wonderful company to do business with -- friendly, helpful and such pleasant conversations. Thank you for such a positive experience. On top of that, your products are beautiful & excellent quality!”

- Liz Allen, Exotic World Gifts

“I just received your latest product catalog … You all did a wonderful job! All of the new items are so beautiful. I look forward to ordering this Fall! Best of luck with the new line and the beautiful, ever-faithful core products. Thank you for all that you do in furthering the fair trade movement.” 

- Holly Lucas, Sojourns

“You have been a pleasure to work with. I love the website and appreciate the artistry and the dedication to showcase the “hands” behind the merchandise. Thank you so much!”

- Maria Carreno, The One-Eyed Turtle

"Every item of yours has a handmade, artistic feel to it, and, at the same time, the consistency and quality are great. I appreciate your careful attention to detail when I’m frantically placing orders, and your flexibility and patience with my last-minute ordering as well. While I’m sure we’re not one of your biggest accounts, your personalized and thoughtful service makes me feel that way." 

- Lisa Dunn, Revive

 "It was rewarding for me to be able to tell the story of your artisans, and it is one that resonated with our customers. You have a deep level of commitment to what you do, and I think that’s one of the reasons why you do things so well. I would think that any company would find, as I did, that working with Matr Boomie is a rewarding experience on many levels."

- Mim Harrison, Levenger