Welcome to Matr Boomie

How do I pronounce “MATR BOOMIE”?

mä-ter boo-me

What does MATR BOOMIE mean?

MATR BOOMIE literally means motherland, the creative source, the ground we walk on. Not just the places we were born, but all the places we’ve seen and felt. Transcending borders and boundaries, MATR BOOMIE alludes to the people and places who have shaped our character and woven our unique perspectives. It’s the thread that binds us all in the same great human family. It’s what we mean when we say, ALL ONE. ALL KIN.

How do I access my account?

All current customers have accounts at wholesale.matrboomie.com. Simply enter your email and password to login here. New retail customers can also register. For assistance, email us at sales@matrboomie.com or call 512-535-5228

What can I expect from Matr Boomie?

PRODUCTS: INSPIRED DESIGN – With clean lines and delightful details, each piece hints at a deeper story. We craft inspired, timeless pieces that your customers will love and keep forever.

SERVICE: NURTURING CREATIVE COLLABORATION – We carefully observe and study your business so we can bring exciting ideas and curated collections to the table. Our in-house design team loves collaborating to develop custom products that you and your customers will love.

RELATIONSHIPS: TRUE PARTNERSHIPS – Beyond intellectual notions of fairness, equality and justice, it’s love that inspires our relationships and that drives us to do business the way we do. MATR BOOMIE is your friendly, reliable, true partner. Join our movement to create a world that’s more playful and beautiful, vibrant and diverse, thoughtful and sensitive, compassionate, kind and connected.

Ordering & Shipping Info

Where is Matr Boomie located?

Our U.S. office is located in Austin, TX. All of our products are shipped from India to our warehouse in Austin, where they are then shipped to you.

How can I contact you?

Our phone number is (512) 535-5228. You can also email sales@matrboomie.com.

How can I place an order?

You can place an order online at wholesale.matrboomie.com or email us atmbsales@matrboomie.com

Do you have a minimum order?

Yes. We have a minimum order quantity by item and a total minimum order value of $200. Please contact us if you have questions.

When will my package be delivered?

Generally, orders within the continental United States will be received within 7 to 10 business days. It takes about 3 business days to process an order and 1 to 4 days for shipping, depending on your location and season. By default, we ship UPS Ground, which is priced by weight, size and dimensional weight. If you have an urgent deadline, please make note of it when you order or give us a call. Note: For trade show orders, a longer lead time may apply due to product development.

What is your backorder policy?

  • MATR BOOMIE will ship all available items for your requested ship date and automatically put any unavailable products on back order. We will ship any backordered items that become available within 8 weeks in one combined shipment. Shipping charges for backordered items will not exceed 10% of the value of your backorder.
  • Any remaining items that are still not available after 8 weeks will be automatically canceled and your original order will be closed out. At that time, if there are any items you would still like to receive from MATR BOOMIE, please place a new order. 

Please be sure to state clearly on your order if you have specific backorder requests or policies that are different than the policy stated here. We automatically cancel any and all backorders $50 or less with the exception of displays. 

Can I place an order now for a later ship date?

Absolutely. This can help ensure that all of your merchandise is available by your ship date. Just make a note of it in the comments section when you order.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! For shipping to Canada, standard shipping is UPS Ground. Shipping cost is typically 10% to 15% of your order total, but is dependent on weight and size of the order. UPS does door delivery, but if there is a customs duty involved, you are responsible for paying UPS the duty when the package is delivered.For international shipping other than Canada, we use either FedEx or USPS, whichever is more time – and cost-efficient. Shipping costs largely vary depending on weight and destination, and smaller orders tend to have proportionally higher shipping costs. For example, for a $250 order with a diverse mix of products, shipping is generally 30% to 40% of the order total, while varied orders over $500 generally have shipping charges that are 15% to 25% of the order total. The customer is again responsible for any additional customs or duties.

How much is shipping?

It varies depending on the items ordered. By default, we ship UPS Ground, which is priced by weight, size and dimensional weight. If you have an urgent deadline, please make note of it when you order or give us a call. Note: For trade show orders, a longer lead time may apply due to product development. We can also use FedEx or USPS by request. We would be happy to use your shipping account number if you specify on the order form.

What are my payment options?

We accept all major credit cards and checks. Checks will be made payable to: MATR BOOMIE.

How can I change an order I already submitted?

You can email us at sales@matrboomie.com and we will be happy to assist you with any changes you need if possible. Note: We cannot guarantee that your order can be changed especially 24 hours after an order is placed. If your items are already packaged, unfortunately no changes can be made.

I received a damaged item. What do I do?

Please contact us within 15 days of receipt of the item(s) to let us know of the damage or defect. We will work with you in order to provide a replacement or refund/credit for the product.

Can I make a return?

We want you to be completely satisfied with our products. However, if you are dissatisfied with our product for any reason, you may make a return within 15 business days of receipt of item(s). Products must be returned in their original condition with product tag, and without retail price stickers. For returns related to damaged or defective items, MATR BOOMIE will incur shipping costs for domestic customers. Any shipping costs on returns made for other reasons will be at the expense of the customer. For quality issues arising after customer purchase and use, please contact us within 30 days of customer purchase or 60 days of your invoice. We will request a photo image of any damaged or defective items and can send replacements or issue a credit for the damages after review.  To initiate a return or exchange, please call us at (512) 535-5228 or email sales@matrboomie.com. Please specify the reason for the return, invoice or cash sale number, and whether you prefer replacements or credit to your account.

I’m an online retailer. Can I sell your products?

Of course! Customers may sell MATR BOOMIE products online through their own retail sites, although selling through 3rd party marketplaces such as Amazon/Ebay/Etsy/etc. is prohibited. We can also provide high-resolution product images for your online store.

Can I make a custom order?

Yes! Working directly with the artisans gives us the capability of customizing our products to meet your needs. We can create products that are not available in our stock, or modify any of our existing products with custom colors, dimensions or designs. Please write to contact us to explore the beautiful options we can create for you.

For what price do I resell your products?

All of the prices listed on our website are wholesale prices. Our suggested retail pricing is a minimum of 2x wholesale cost, however, you may mark up our products as you see fit.

Do you offer exclusivity for your products in stores?

Matr Boomie is a small fair trade brand that focuses on bringing beautiful, handmade products to you. As a company, we do not track distribution or offer exclusivity by region. Our raison d’etre is to support our partner artisans in India by forging sustainable supply-chains and working to give back to their communities. We do this by growing their distribution channel. Thank you for your understanding!

General Questions

What exactly is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is a market-based approach to alleviating global poverty and promoting sustainability. Fair Trade encompasses both economic and social development. Along with setting a fair price of goods and creating a safe working environment, it aims to improve the communities and livelihoods of the artisans. To learn about how MATR BOOMIE got started in Fair Trade, visit ourAbout page.

Are your products really handmade? Who made them?

Of course! Each product is handcrafted using traditional art forms by artisans in India. You can find information about all of our partner artisans here. We partner with a network of 20,000 artisans in about 40 communities throughout India. Each has a unique story and art craft that they focus on. These products also help preserve some of these art forms.

Are your products environmentally friendly?

The majority of our products are made with environmentally friendly (natural, recycled, renewable, non-toxic) materials, and one of the values of Fair Trade is ensuring an eco-friendly working environment for the producers. Read more about our environmental and sustainability initiatives here.

Do you provide merchandising display options?

Yes, we have a number of display options available to suit your retail store's needs. Explore our display selection here >

Marketing & Education

Can I use your artisan pictures and stories?

Absolutely! We have created a folder with white background and styled photos for our retailers to use. Please e-mailmarketing@matrboomie.comto request access to this asset folder.

Can I use your product images?

You can download product images from our site. You can use these images only for the purpose of promoting products that you have purchased from MATR BOOMIE.