Artisans + Their Artforms

Purchases of Matr Boomie’s exclusive products sustain jobs for people throughout India who have been handcrafting artisanal goods for generations. We partner with women’s groups, minorities, people with special needs, urban slums and isolated rural communities to empower artisans through dignified, sustainable employment.

Above all, we value: 
• Safe work conditions 
• Education 
• The confidence and well-being of our artisan partners 
• No child labor 
• Sustainable materials and trade practices

the art of


Traditionally used by Indian farmers to identify their livestock, these bells, crafted by artisans in the desert region of Western India, are made primarily from recycled metals. The artisans manually cut and shape the bells, coat them in powdered brass and copper, and fire them in kilns. Each bell is tuned to produce a distinctive and richly unique chime.

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jewelry making

Each piece in this jewelry collection is hand crafted by master artisans using sustainable materials like brass, wood, glass and other unique materials. The production of these jewelry pieces preserves these art forms and benefits the artisan communities with long term employment and development opportunities. Our jewelry collection is lead, nickel and cadmium free.

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bone craft

Master artisans in North Central India collect bones from naturally deceased animals to create functional and decorative products. The process of collecting these bones keeps them from going into the landfill. No animal is hurt in this process. These bones undergo rigorous cleaning and sanitization before skilled craftsmen hand-carve and inlay them into exquisite items.

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wood carving

Wood carving is a traditional craft in remote villages of North Central India, where artisans hand carve sustainably sourced wood into decorative and functional items. The making of these products preserves these art forms and benefits the artisan communities with long term employment and community development opportunities.

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terracotta pottery

Terracotta pottery is an ancient Indian craft dating back millennia, where master artisans use naturally found clay into a diverse range of functional and decorative items. Skilled artisans prepare and mold the clay into intricate designs, sun-dry the pieces and fire them in a kiln to produce durable, contemporary pottery.

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handmade paper

These paper products are made using 100% recycled textile industry waste. Artisans collect discarded cotton scraps, break them down into pulp which is then pressed into sheets, and hung to dry. A delicate process that only master artisans can execute after years of training. This tree-free & eco-friendly paper is then decorated with silk screen patterns.

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home fragrances

Each Kandu product is hand-bottled & poured by women from at-risk communities in Austin, TX. Our Kandu fragrances are formulated in house using natural essential oils. Our candles use 100% soy wax, cotton wick and eco friendly packaging.

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upcycled fabric

Matr Boomie’s Women Training Center located in Northwest India trains women from low income communities in recycling discarded materials like old textiles and newspaper into modern, eye catching fashion and décor accessories. The art of upcycling fabric not only gives these materials new purpose but also benefits the artisan communities with long term employment and community development opportunities.

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blue pottery ceramics

Blue Pottery Ceramics, an exquisite art form from Jaipur, embodies master craftsmanship. With skillfully sculpted designs, intricate hand-painted original patterns, and the use of lead-free glaze, this art form showcases the essence of age-old Indian pottery. In Rajasthan, artisans utilize traditional techniques, such as the potter's wheel, handmade molds, and their own hands, to transform natural clay into functional works of art with a beautiful polished finish.

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Artisans soak used newspaper until it disintegrates, then mix it with cloth, rice or straw to form a pulp. The mixture is molded, dried, and cut into shape. Artisans coat the surface with glue paste, rub it smooth with baked clay, and paste on layers of tissue papers. The base color and motifs are all created freehand with non-toxic paints, then burnished and coated with lacquer.

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block print

Block printing is a traditional art form native to Rajasthan, India. Artisans hand carve a wood block with patterns inspired by local flora and fauna, dip it into dye, and then carefully stamp the fabric, creating beautiful patterns.

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