Sponsoring Machines for Wood & Bone Carving Artisan

Sponsoring Machines for Wood & Bone Carving Artisan


Despite being talented grassroots artisans, many individuals still adhere to outdated and manual production methods. This often leads to unnecessary struggle, diminished efficiency, fatigue, and heightened material wastage. By alleviating the physical strain on artisans, we witness a marked increase in productivity and efficacy. Consequently, they are capable of generating more goods and services within shorter time frames, thereby fostering economic growth. Moreover, by conserving time and energy, artisans can redirect their efforts toward skill refinement and innovation, ultimately resulting in the creation of intricately crafted, high-quality products that tap into new markets and opportunities.

As part of our ongoing commitment to capacity-building initiatives, SETU, in collaboration with our esteemed partner artisans, has facilitated the provision of upgraded tools and technologies. In pursuit of this goal, SETU proudly sponsored a versatile compressor machine for a select group of artisans specializing in the creation of wood and bone products. Equipped with various attachments, this state-of-the-art machine serves a multitude of functions including nail and rivet fixing, lacquer spraying, and cleaning, while operating at near-silent levels due to its advanced technology.

The benefits of this machine:

  • Increased productivity
  • Diminished manual exertion
  • Enhanced production quality
  • Decreased rejection rates
  • Minimized material wastage

The artisans express great satisfaction with the machine's performance, underscoring its pivotal role in their creative endeavors. Moving forward, we aspire to replicate the success of this project by identifying similar needs among other artisan communities, thereby fostering sustainable growth and empowerment.

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