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Ishivatva Dog Sweater - Assorted Upcycled Sari Fabric

Ishivatva Dog Sweater - Assorted Upcycled Sari Fabric


Ethically handcrafted using upcycled and locally sourced materials, our eco-friendly Ishivatva Collection features one of a kind apparel and accessories for your furry friend. This unique dog sweater is handcrafted with vibrant, upcycled Indian textiles. The neck and waist straps are secured with wooden buttons. This design is best suited for dogs with necks up to 10" and waists up to 16". Upcycled design honors the spirit of sustainability and resourcefulness within our artisan communities, and provides for rich combinations with a one of a kind quality.
  • Dimensions: 12"L, 14"W
  • Materials: upcycled Indian textiles
  • Care Instructions: Spot clean.
  • UPC: 780729482119

12"L, 14"W

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