Collection: Discover Wholesale Sustainable Home Decor your Customers will love.

Celebrate timeless craftsmanship with our intricate home decor options, echoing India's architectural heritage. Matr Boomie offers sustainable home decor, including ornate yet functional items like decorative boxes, tablet and book stands, phone stands, quirky eyeglasses holders and more, intricately handcrafted by master artisans. Embrace ethical and eco-friendly home goods, featuring sustainably harvested wood and cruelty-free materials like bone.

Explore the sweet sound of individually hand-tuned bell chimes, crafted through traditional bell-making techniques. Delight in eye-catching Jaipur Blue Pottery, adorned with hand-painted designs. Embrace the beauty of ethical sustainable home goods sourced directly from our artisan groups, uplifting their livelihoods. Discover wholesale options for your store and elevate your space with sustainable elegance with Matr Boomie as your wholesale home decor supplier.