Empowering Workshop for Youth with Disabilities

Empowering Workshop for Youth with Disabilities

SETU, our esteemed partner organization in India, is dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities, fostering their dignity and confidence.

Vocational training plays a pivotal role in empowering youth with special needs, facilitating skill development, nurturing independence, breaking societal barriers, and promoting social inclusion. By offering avenues for personal and professional growth, vocational training enhances their overall well-being and enables them to lead fulfilling lives.

In pursuit of this vision, SETU, in collaboration with Vatsalya Foundation in Gujarat, has established a center/workshop tailored for youth with disabilities. Here, they can learn soap and candle making skills in a supportive and secure environment. Subsequently, they will receive training in batik techniques. This workshop aims to engage at least 10-20 individuals with disabilities in livelihood activities, including those affected by polio, visual impairment, hearing impairment, and autism. The diverse composition of the workforce, comprising both physically challenged individuals and those with other needs, ensures the smooth operation of the unit. In addition to leveraging SETU's marketing platform, the workshop's products will be sold through various avenues such as exhibitions and small outlets. Further, additional personnel can be recruited to facilitate the marketing of the unit's products.

The workshop's infrastructure is designed to prioritize comfort, simplicity, and safety, featuring granite slab tables, essential tools, a microwave oven, a variety of molds, a hot air gun, and a packaging machine.

The production of everyday items such as utility soaps, candles, and batik bed sheets ensures a stable income for the artisans, affording them the opportunity to live with dignity.

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