Empowering Women Artisans: Wood Carving Skills Workshop

Empowering Women Artisans: Wood Carving Skills Workshop

While SETU diligently works on Women Empowerment & Gender Equity year-round, International Women’s Day provides a special occasion to commemorate our progress in this endeavor.

In India, many crafts are traditionally associated with men, leaving women relegated to "softer" craft skills. Wood carving is one such craft, often deemed a male-dominated domain due to the perceived physical demands involved. Consequently, women are typically confined to auxiliary tasks such as packaging. To challenge this stereotype and elevate women's skills to match those of men, SETU, our esteemed partner organization in India, organized a 10-day wood carving workshop for women artisans. The timing couldn't have been more fitting, coinciding with International Women’s Day.

Conducted from March 6th to March 15th, 2023, in the rural areas of Bijnor District, the workshop equipped 20 women artisans in the intricate art of wood carving under the tutelage of a highly experienced master craftsman. In addition to training, SETU provided them with all necessary tools and accessories, completely free of cost.

Not only will these women now command higher wages, but their newfound self-confidence will inspire others to embrace this craft. This initiative marks another small yet significant step towards uplifting the social and economic status of underprivileged women.

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