Center for Underprivileged Women's Development & Training

Center for Underprivileged Women's Development & Training

Six years ago, SETU, our esteemed partner organization in India, established a Community Development & Training Center for underprivileged women in the Sanjay Nagar slum area of Jaipur, Rajasthan. This center, operated by Self-Help Groups (SHGs), is dedicated to the holistic development of women, focusing on economic self-sustainability, literacy, inclusion, technical upgradation, and confidence building. It provides employment opportunities to women artisans who create sustainable and recycled products.

Situated adjacent to upscale neighborhoods, Sanjay Nagar slum area is primarily inhabited by underprivileged women who work as domestic helpers in nearby households. Most of them have limited education, if any, and struggle to provide for their families, often facing difficulty in securing even two meals a day.

At the center, these women not only receive literacy training but also acquire essential computer skills vital in today's digital landscape. SETU facilitates their training in various skills, empowering them to earn a dignified livelihood. Moreover, SETU not only offers skill development training and machinery but also provides raw materials and market opportunities.

This initiative represents a small yet significant step towards achieving financial independence for these women and empowering them holistically in all aspects of their lives.

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