The presentation of your products can make or break a sale, and that’s especially true for eco-friendly and sustainable gift shops. Here, the store's ethos often extends to the way products are displayed. In this blog, let’s explore creative retail display ideas and retail gift shop display ideas that can help gift shop owners attract more customers and boost sales.

The Unique Requirements for Gift Shops

Unlike retail outlets, gift shops usually have to stock and display products that carry an aesthetic appeal. This diversity poses a unique challenge to gift shop owners, making it a challenge to create cohesive and attractive displays

There are three main types of displays you, as a gift shop owner, can consider:

  • Single Product Displays
  • These are designed to throw light on a standout item, a new product, or a best-seller, that can catch the eye of a shopper from across the room. It's about creating a focal point that draws attention and piques curiosity.

  • Thematic Product Displays
  • Grouping similar products together tells a story and can help customers better understand the product uses and relevance. For example, a display of jewelry or eco-friendly products.

  • Mixed Product Displays
  • These displays combine products that complement each other, offering a practical package or a lifestyle suggestion. This method is particularly effective in gift shops where shoppers might be looking for a complete gift set.

    Retail Display Ideas with Matr Boomie

    Our range of display items aligns with the eco-friendly and sustainable ethos of modern gift shops. Here are some of our offerings that are designed specifically to enhance your store’s aesthetic and functionality:

  • Jewelry Display Products 
  • Jewelries make for the perfect Point-of-Purchase display items! Their visual appeal prompts impulse buying during checkout. However, we recommend using great lighting to make the jewelry sparkle and catch the eye of the customer during checkout.

  • Gift Wrap Display Products
  • Gift wraps are great for customers who have come to your shop for a last-minute gift purchase. They are a statement of care and love, and displaying our vibrant gift wraps can encourage customers to add this extra touch to their purchases. 


  • Pin Display Products
  • Pins are small, but they pack a punch in terms of style! They are perfect for impulse buys near the checkout counter. We suggest using a themed display that matches the style of the pins to catch the customer’s eye.


  • Labyrinth Game Display Products
  • Labyrinth games are fun, interactive items that customers would love to try! Placing them in an easily accessible area can invite customers to try them out, increasing the chances of a purchase. 

  • Mini Notebook Displays 
  • Customers like to feel and flip through Mini Notebooks before buying. Displaying them in a way that customers can easily access them can increase engagement and sales. We recommend using a tiered display to showcase our colorful Mini Notebooks. 

    These display items are an extension of your shops commitment to environmental responsibility and cultural respect, making them an ideal choice for gift shops that share similar values.


    How to Display Products in a Gift Shop?

    When displaying products in your gift shop, we recommend grouping similar items together. Pay attention to lighting in order to highlight key products, and regularly rotate displays to keep the shop looking fresh.

    How Do You Attract Customers to a Gift Shop?

    Effective marketing, excellent customer service, and an attractive store layout are a time-tested formula for attracting customers and keeping them engaged at your store. Creative retail displays are a key part of this, helping to draw customers in and encourage them to spend more time browsing.

    What’s Trending in Gift Shops?

    Reflecting broader consumer trends in your gift shop ensures relatability. Combining that with an attractive store layout is sure to boost your store’s purchase rate. Currently, we see a strong demand for eco-friendly and sustainable products. Retail displays that highlight your products' eco-friendly credentials can help tap into this trend.

    How to Merchandise a Gift Shop?

    Selecting and pricing products right, creating attractive displays, and managing inventory are important! Regularly review your merchandising strategy to ensure it aligns with current trends and customer preferences.

    How to Create a Great Display?

    Understand your customers, choose the right products to highlight and use lighting, signage, and props to create an attractive and engaging display.

    How Do You Display in Retail?

    Displays should be designed to catch the customer’s eye and nudge them to make a purchase. A mix of shelving, signage, lighting, and props to create an attractive and engaging display will do the trick.

    How to Increase Gift Shop Sales?

    Use displays that adapt to different layouts and can be refreshed regularly to keep the retail environment inviting and interesting, encouraging repeat visits.

    A well-planned array of retail display products not only enhances the aesthetics of your store but also leads to increased customer engagement, longer browsing time and ultimately, higher sales. So, get creative with your retail display ideas and see the difference it makes to your bottom line. 

    Matr Boomie provides the best retail display products that match the theme of your gift shop. Our display products encourage impulse buying, giving your sales a significant boost. Explore our range of retail displays today and discover how we can help you create a store that customers love to visit. Happy selling!

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