Visual Merchandising: Merchandising Tips to Boost Sales in Your Gift Shop

Hello Gift Shop Buyers! We know you are all too familiar with visual merchandising and have unique spaces you are working with that you are experts on. In general, retailers use visual merchandising to attract customers into a store, either in person or online and to enhance the customer journey or user experience. We wanted to share some nuggets of merchandising tips and tricks that you may find helpful as you plan for the upcoming Holiday season:

  • Save time. energy and money with easy to assemble Retail Displays:

  • The most important aspect of merchandising is of course, knowing your end customer and having a strong sense of your own brand voice. It is important to understand your customer’s interests, preferences and buying behaviors and create displays that meet their needs as they wander through your store. 

    Displays can help create not only an organized space, but also more of an impact with a range of coordinated products in one condensed space. It will also be easy to spot gaps in inventory so you know what styles are selling best in your store and what you need to replenish at a glance!

    Our on-brand retail merchandising displays are custom made to fit easily onto a shop floor, onto a counter space or shelf and can easily accommodate a range of styles. 

    The captivating Indali Collection Retail Display, elegantly showcases our exquisite Indali Collection featuring semi precious stones with unique qualities – each piece   and ode to timeless beauty and intricate artistry. The Large Labyrinth Game Retail Display Starter Kit captures the essence of play and tradition, making it a delightful addition to our storytelling experience. 


    As your customers wander through your store, they can experience a well merchandised journey. Our simple yet elegant jewelry and accessory displays fit well into a wide range of store settings whether it be a fashion boutique, a natural grocery store, museum, zoo or a fair trade gift store.


    From handmade crafts to eco-friendly delights, each item at Matr Boomie has a rich history to share. Engage your customers by crafting displays that highlight the origin, craftsmanship, and unique qualities of your products. 


  • Storytelling with shelf talkers:
  • Available as a tool to learn more about a product, shelf talkers are a great way to educate both staff and customers alike. These tools can help sell products on your behalf! A good story helps your customers develop an emotional connection with your store and products.


    Ask our sales team how you can get free shelf talkers highlighting the story and people behind our fair trade products. Let your customers embark on a journey of discovery and fall in love with the stories behind each piece.


  • Colors that Pop:
  • Color is the secret language of the soul because they can evoke particular emotions, think calming blues or vibrant, high energy red. Colors can influence how people shop and buy products. Use vibrant hues and a harmonious palette to create an inviting and exciting ambience. 

    At Matr Boomie wholesale, you'll find an incredible array of colorful wonders that are sure to brighten anyone's day. 

  • Embrace the Power of Themes:
  • Who doesn't love a good theme party? Themes add an extra touch of fun and excitement to your gift shop! Whether it's a specific color scheme or motif, a seasonal theme, cultural celebration, or a festival-inspired showcase, themes are a surefire way to grab attention. You can shop for your entire store based on a theme or designate an area in your storefront window or on your shop floor to a rotating theme, for example Valentine’s Day, cats, animal lovers, coastal or beachy decor

  • Lighting that Shines:
  • The right lighting in a store or display area can set the mood,add some drama, accentuate details, and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Believe us we know from working on our trade show set-ups each year!

    At Matr Boomie Wholesale, every item is crafted with love and care, and the right lighting will showcase its brilliance in all its glory.


  • The Power of "Focal Points":
  • Draw customers in with an enticing focal point that showcases bestsellers or latest arrivals. Focusing on a collection is a great way of creating a focal point in your store. Our Indukala Collection highlights the enchanting mysticism of the moon and moon phases. The Rakshana Collection features terracotta garden pottery in fun animal shapes.

    At Matr Boomie, you'll discover an incredible selection of handcrafted masterpieces that deserve to take center stage. Design your displays around these beauties, and let them work their charm on every visitor.


  • Keep it Fresh:
  • From a larger perspective, it is important to remember to remain flexible to change to continuously evolve and improve with the changing times. Of course, your brand voice will remain the same but maybe colors will change and the style of displays will most certainly change. Rotate displays periodically, to help keep your store refreshed, which is more likely to encourage customers to visit your store time and again and explore new things that they may have missed previously.


  • Appeal to the senses:
  • Create an ambience in your store by thinking about how you want your customer to feel as they walk into and through your store. Have you ever wandered into Target and experienced that familiar popcorn-like smell or wondered why you are drawn into Anthropologie where we smell candle scents in different “rooms”. Or perhaps you notice a specific color or two, very familiar brand colors each time (Target red). This is no coincidence! It is a meticulously thought out process to help the store create repeat customers and to sell more products!

    Our collection of Home Fragrances could be one great way to create an inviting atmosphere throughout your store. Think about a theme, season or time of year and how you can appeal to all the senses. Make it come alive for your customer in store or online, so they can imagine recreating it with your products in their own home. 


  • Utilize Vertical Space:
  • Expand your display horizons by thinking vertically! Utilize wall spaces and shelves to their fullest potential. Displaying items at different levels adds dimension and intrigue to your gift shop. Placing your high margin items at eye-level is a good idea. 


  • Personal Touch:
  • Last but not least, add that personal touch to your displays. Little handwritten notes or fun facts about products create a delightful connection between your customers and your gift shop. At Matr Boomie, every piece is handcrafted with love, and sharing these stories will resonate with your customers' hearts.


    So, there you have it – the art of visual merchandising to boost sales in your gift shop. Unleash your creativity, infuse your displays with magic, and let the joy of handcrafted wonders capture the hearts of your customers.


    Happy merchandising!



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