Matr Boomie's Unique Picture Frame Range: A Treasure Trove for Gift Shop Owners

In a marketplace where uniqueness and sustainability are increasingly valued, Matr Boomie stands out by offering a diverse range of handcrafted picture frames that not only capture moments but also tell a story of ethical craftsmanship and environmental stewardship. For Fair Trade Gift Shop and Eco-Friendly Goods Gift Shop owners, Matr Boomie’s frames are a perfect fit, blending aesthetic appeal with a commitment to fair trade practices. Here’s how Matr Boomie’s picture frames can enhance your store's collection and appeal to a conscious customer base.

Unique Selection for Every Space

  • Picture Frames for Desk and Bedside (3x3, 4x6)

Ideal for personalizing small spaces, 3x3 & 4x6 size of frames are perfect for showcasing cherished memories on desks or bedside tables, making every glance a reminder of treasured moments.

  • Picture Frames for Living Areas and Wall Hanging (5x7)
  • Designed to adorn living spaces, 5x7 medium-sized frames can be used for hanging on walls or placing on shelves, transforming any room with a touch of personalization.
  • Picture Frames for Family Portraits in Common Areas (8x10)

8x10 larger frames are tailor-made for family portraits, bringing warmth and love to any common area, and turning houses into homes with memories that speak volumes.

Unique Selection for Every Aesthetic

  • Wood

Offering a classic look, wooden picture frames bring warmth and tradition to any photograph, ideal for those who appreciate timeless beauty.

  • Bone

For a rustic touch, bone picture frames provide an earthy, natural aesthetic, making each piece unique and reflective of Matr Boomie’s commitment to cruelty-free, sustainable materials.

  • Marble

Elevate your offerings with marble picture frames, synonymous with elegance and durability. Perfect for customers seeking a sophisticated touch.

Unique Selection for Every Occasion

  • Heart-Shaped Frames

Ideal for anniversaries, Valentine's Day, or as a gesture of love, these heart-shaped picture frames capture the essence of affection.

  • Round Frames

Offering a modern twist on the traditional, round picture frames are versatile, suitable for any décor, and perfect for capturing life's circular journey.

Handcrafted, Sustainable, Uniquely Yours

Matr Boomie’s picture frames are not just products; they are a testament to the brand’s dedication to sustainability, fair trade, and craftsmanship. Each frame, whether made from wood, bone, or marble, is handcrafted by over 20,000 skilled artisans across 40 communities in India, ensuring that every piece is as unique as the memories it holds. This commitment to quality and ethical production practices sets Matr Boomie apart, offering gift shop owners a compelling story to share with their customers.

Why Choose Matr Boomie?

As a gift shop owner looking to tap into the ever-growing market for sustainable and unique home décor, Matr Boomie’s offerings are perfectly aligned with your needs. Featuring a range of wedding picture frames, bone picture frames, unique picture frames, and more, Matr Boomie caters to a variety of tastes and occasions. By including wholesale picture frames and partnering with picture frame suppliers such as ourselves, and by prioritizing handmade picture frames and wholesale frames for art, you ensure that your shop remains a destination for discerning customers seeking quality and sustainability.

With Matr Boomie, you're not just adding another product to your shelves; you're bringing in a story of love, craftsmanship, and sustainability that resonates with customers. These frames are not merely decorative items but symbols of a larger movement towards responsible consumerism.

Elevate Your Inventory with Matr Boomie

Incorporating Matr Boomie’s picture frames into your inventory means offering your customers more than just a product; it’s about providing them with an eco-friendly option that carries a story of positive impact and exceptional craftsmanship. As the demand for sustainable and ethically made products grows, Matr Boomie’s frames are a perfect match for gift shops aiming to cater to this conscious consumer base.

Gift shop owners, by choosing Matr Boomie’s unique and sustainable picture frames, you position your store as a champion of ethical consumerism, offering products that not only beautify spaces but also contribute to a better world. Let Matr Boomie’s frames be a testament to your commitment to quality, sustainability, and the stories that connect us all.

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