Matr Boomie (Mother Land): Expressing Gratitude

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate the harvest, the family, and the blessings of the past year. It is also a time to show gratitude and appreciation to the people who matter most in your life. We think of abundance and the sharing of it!

At Matr Boomie, we believe in carrying and expressing the Thanksgiving spirit year round to all our partners, including our artisan and retail partners and tribe members. We value long term, meaningful relationships and strive to ensure fair trade practices by recognizing and rewarding the hard work and creativity of our artisans, providing them with healthy and safe work environments, and supporting them with resources to uplift their communities. Since our name means “Mother Land” we strive to always embody the spirit of deep gratitude, respect and appreciation for the land we live on and express that through ethical and sustainable business practices. 

Whether your customers are looking for a Thanksgiving present for their friends, their mothers, their fathers, or their teachers, help them give something that is unique, meaningful, and eco-friendly. 

Special Thanksgiving Gifts 

While being a fair trade company, we, at Matr Boomie are much more than just that at heart. We are a gateway to a rustic world of artisanal craftsmanship from India. Each of our products is a labor of love—skillfully crafted and imbued with the rich culture and traditions of India. Our commitment to sustainability and ethics is reflected in our products; with the use of natural materials, recycled cotton paper, upcycled materials and various other eco-friendly resources, we ensure that our products not only ooze character but are also kind to the environment.

When you choose Matr Boomie, you’re choosing unique gifts that do more than just delight the senses - they create lasting memories. Each handcrafted piece tells a story of tradition, craftsmanship, and ethical values. So this Thanksgiving, offer your customers more than just a gift - offer them an unique shopping experience.


What are the Products that Matr Boomie Recommends for Thanksgiving Merchandising?

Matr Boomie has a large range of gifts that are suitable for various age groups and interests. You can find Thanksgiving gifts for men, women and even pets. Here are some of the products that Matr Boomie recommends for Thanksgiving merchandising in your store:


Fall & Harvest Decor & Gifts

Our rustic hand carved wood pieces like our book and phone stands with Tree of Life and floral designs, as well as our rustic bells feature some gender neutral crowd favorites. In addition, our hand woven baskets, made from natural materials like jute are perfect for the harvest season, whether for storage or decor or for a Fall table setting.



Tabletop Accessories

Impress your customers with our range of tabletop accessories, perfect gifts for any occasion. Wine accessories and cheese and charcuterie boards are perfect for holiday entertaining and a delight for hosts! Rustic mugs for hot cocoa and special handmade serving-ware.


Home Fragrances & Candle Holders

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your store by offering our range of home fragrances and candle holders. Create an ambient backdrop your customers can imagine in their own homes this and every Thanksgiving.


Jewelry (Gifts for Her)

Stock up on our handcrafted jewelry, a perfect blend of style and sustainability. Each piece tells a story that your customers will love to give. Choose harvest themed best sellers like our Chameli Leaf Gold Chandelier Dangle Earrings


Hair Accessories 

Our eco-friendly hair accessories are a must-have for any gift shop. They're not just stylish; they're a statement your customers will appreciate.


Journals (Gifts for Him)

Our journals and note cards are perfect for the man who appreciates the written word. They make thoughtful gifts that your customers will love to give.


Eyeglass Holders

Our unique eyeglass holders, hand carved from sustainably harvested Indian rosewood, are a practical yet stylish gift that the receiver is sure to appreciate. A perfect addition to any gift shop.


Wooden Games (Unique Gifts for Him)

Our classic board games are easy to pack up and bring along on family travels around the holidays and a great way to bring families together. Stock up on these for Thanksgiving entertainment after a nap!


How are You Supporting the Artisans, the Environment, and the Culture by Buying from Matr Boomie?

Matr Boomie’s products are not only unique Thanksgiving gifts but also meaningful gifts that tell the stories of artisan communities in India. By choosing from Matr Boomie, you are supporting the artisans who make these products and their families. You are also supporting the environment by choosing products that are eco-friendly and reduce waste. You are also supporting the culture and heritage of India by appreciating the craftsmanship and artistry of its people.

So, this Thanksgiving season, don’t settle for ordinary gifts that are mass-produced and generic. Choose Matr Boomie’s products that are hand-made and never mass-produced. Choose products that are eco-friendly and fair trade. Choose products that offer unique gifts to your customers this Thanksgiving.

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