How to: Sari Gift Wrap

Our Furoshiki-style fabric gift wrap is crafted from upcycled sari and is the ultimate planet-friendly gifting solution. Not only can it be reused for regifting, but it also lends itself to creative repurposing, transforming into a fashionable scarf or stylish headband. It's a gift that keeps on giving! It's easy to use, here we will show you:


 Step 1: Open fabric in diamond shape on flat surface. Place gift in center.

Step 2: Wrap one corner around the gift.

Step 3: Wrap opposite corner over the box and wrap all the way around tightly.

Step 4: Tie both loose ends together. Tuck any loose sari under the knot. (You can leave it as a knot or add a bow!)

Extra Credit: Add an ornament or bell to adorn the gift

And  voilà! You're all done!


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