Healing with Horses: Matr Boomie Volunteer Day 2024

Matr Boomie's vision is to create a world that is more playful, compassionate, kind and connected. We prioritize giving back to our wonderful community, and this year we partnered with Healing with Horses for our employee volunteer day. Healing with Horses is an incredible non-profit therapeutic riding center located in nearby Manor, Texas, dedicated to helping students develop transferable life skills in a safe, inclusive environment. Healing with Horses strives to promote resilience and independence in mind, body, and soul through the power of horses.

Matr Boomie’s Team outside of the healing with horses facility

On Wednesday May 22, the Matr Boomie crew spent the day volunteering at Healing with Horses. Our top priority was getting the facilities ready for their 3rd Annual Heart of a Warrior Un-Gala, a yearly event that raises money for the Unbridaled Warriors program. Healing with Horses Ranch is proud to offer veterans, first responders, and active duty individuals Adaptive Riding & Equine-Assisted Learning services through their Unbridled Warriors program completely free of charge to thank them for their service. 

Manish, Matr Boomie’s CEO and Founder with one of the Healing Horses

At the beginning of our volunteer day, our wonderful coordinator Rebecca gave us a tour of the facilities and assigned us to varying tasks. We power-washed, mucked and raked the arena, moved tables and chairs, swept out the stables, and filled hay bags for the horses. After a day of hard work, we gave the beautiful horses carrots and lots of affection.

Tam, Matr Boomie’s Office Manager and Frezgi a Matr Boomie warehouse associate leveling the riding ground

Kathryn, Matr Boomie’s Sales Director cleaning the fences

We had an incredible time volunteering at Healing with Horses! Our team enjoyed the opportunity to help this amazing organization, spend a few hours outdoors with the animals, and step away from the office. It was a chance for our different departments to interact more closely and collaborate on a shared project. Volunteering fosters connection between employees, and the chance to do good for others increases morale. This experience was a fantastic way for our staff to bond with each other while giving back to the community. 

Sarah, Matr Boomie’s Head of Design, petting one of the healing horses

There are a couple awesome ways to get involved with Healing for Horses:

  1. Volunteer! Healing with Horses hosts volunteer orientation days the first Saturday of every month from 9 AM to 11 AM. All you have to do is sign up and show up. Tasks vary based on need, and you will have a chance to interact with the wonderful horses while on-site.
  2. Donate! If you can’t show up in-person, you can show your support through a donation. Healing with Horses accepts one-time donations, as well as monthly contributions. Your money goes directly towards student fees and horse care costs, making a difference for the lovely people and animals that participate in Healing with Horses. 

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