2024 Trend Recap

Hi, I’m Sarah Eastep, the Design Director at Matr Boomie. I joined our Sales team at the Americas Mart Atlanta show this January–it’s a great way to see what’s out there in the market and identify emerging trends. Today on the blog, I’m sharing a little of what I saw.

  1. Grass greens:

I saw this grassy palette everywhere–it’s light but not too juvenile, mossy and earthy but not too dark. A beautiful spectrum of greens that felt like they were dyed by nature–sometimes almost literally, like the color of a grass stain. Really loved this as an update (or add-on) to sage.


  1. Chambray blues:

Another story I saw in color was a faded denim spectrum. Just a true blue with no teal in it, washed out and a little muddy. This definitely gave a coastal vibe–you can almost imagine painted blue wood weathered by the sun.   

  1. Faded sunset hues:


Like the blues and greens, the warmer tones had a faded feel to them, and I saw a lot of them grouped in a sunset palette. The spectrum ranged from clay red to mauve to pumpkin to a peachy terracotta to a mustard yellow. Calming and warming at the same time.

  1. Rusticity/authenticity:

The rustic/artisanal style was really prevalent in Atlanta. I saw a lot of pieces that took advantage of natural imperfections to create a sort of pattern or texture, or pieces that honored the imperfections intrinsic to a hand-touched piece.

  1. Neutral tones for holiday decor:

Unexpected, fresh takes on holiday decor–in sophisticated pastel tones (salmon pink, dusty sage, faded yellow), and tonal neutral palettes. 

  1. Indian inspiration:

I saw touches of India everywhere! Textiles and textile-inspired prints, terracotta that seemed straight from a chai cart, even printing blocks as decor elements. 

  1. Hearts:

Even though this market is right before Valentine’s, I was surprised to see so many hearts. January is too late for most buyers to be placing February orders, and the hearts I saw did not feel overly seasonal or too sweet. I saw hearts in whitewashed ceramics, aged brass, wood, horn–it really felt like a lot of brands were incorporating the symbol into their main collections.


Thanks for following along with me for my recap of Atlanta highlights! 

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