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Fish Puzzle Box - Handcrafted Indian Rosewood

Fish Puzzle Box - Handcrafted Indian Rosewood


This eco-friendly, fair trade, solid wood puzzle box is ethically handcrafted in India using traditional wood craft techniques. Master artisans hand carve each wooden component of this intricately designed puzzle box from solid blocks of sustainable Indian Rosewood. This decorative wooden box features an alluring fish shape. The cover features hand carved accent designs inspired by traditional Indian design motifs.

This is a four piece secret compartment box. The alluring wooden box is cleverly designed so that the pieces must be opened in a specific order to reveal the secret interior storage compartment.

The secret compartment makes this a unique option for a jewelry box, treasure box for kids, wooden piggy bank for adults, coin box for collectors, trinket box with lid, or treasure box for classroom.

With its fine craftsmanship and natural, earthy aesthetic, this piece makes great wooden decor for the home or boho office, and a tasteful wooden box for centerpiece with minimalist style.

More and more, these boxes are utilized not only as gifts, but as unique, eco-friendly, reusable gift wrapping. It is a unique and thoughtful idea to use a puzzle box for gift cards, monetary gifts, anniversary jewelry, plane tickets, and printed or handwritten messages and IOU gifts. These can be passed between family members and friend circles for decades.

This sustainable wooden fish puzzle box could be used to notify a recipient that you have booked a trip in their honor. The secret compartment will nicely enclose a printed itinerary. The recipient will discover a greater gift once they have solved the puzzle box!

A puzzle box can also be used to store tokens and keepsakes from a memorable event. A fish puzzle box could be used to store sand, stones, or shells from a favorite beach.
  • Dimensions: 5"L, 3.5"W, 1.75"H
  • Materials: Indian rosewood
  • Care Instructions: Wipe clean.
  • UPC: 780729489958

5"L, 3.5"W, 1.75"H

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